Leading Change from the “Other” C-Suite (That’s Communications)

That’s the title of the presentation I’ll be giving in Washington, DC today along with CareHubs CEO Paul Speyser, for the annual conference of the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, a.k.a. #SHSMD15. Yesterday we had our Social Media Residency at UC-Davis in Sacramento, and so as I write this, I’m at the airport in Detroit on the way to Washington, DC, having taken the Red-Eye from SFO to DTW last night.  If all goes well, I should be in DC by 9 or so.

I had an opportunity to preview some of what we’ll be discussing in our presentation in a podcast conversation with Stewart Gandolf, which he published last week. As I mentioned in the interview with Stewart, I think it’s been about a dozen years since I’ve spoken at this conference, back when my main job was media relations for Mayo Clinic. It’s fun to consider all that’s changed since then, and yet how our work now with the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media is consistent with what we were doing in 2003, but also with more than 150 years of Mayo Clinic history.

Here’s the slide deck Paul and I will be using:

We’ll be talking about how we’ve collaborated to create social networking capacity through an owned platform for our Center for Social Media, and how we’re now applying those capabilities for patient education, patient communities, blogs and news delivery.

While many of the slides contain hyperlinks to some of our WordPress-based sites and communities, here are a few initiatives I’d like to particularly emphasize:

Here are a couple of our sites that will have significantly redesigned looks in the next few weeks:

If you haven’t yet signed up, please take advantage of our free Basic Membership in the Mayo Clinic Social Media Health Network.

Finally, here are links to some of the books we mentioned, which have influenced our thinking:

I look forward to a good discussion.

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Periscope goes Horizontal

With an update released yesterday, the good folks at Periscope have eliminated one of the downsides of their video-streaming app as compared with rival Meerkat:

Now we can stream video horizontally instead of vertically, and still have viewers fully able to interact with comments.

Yesterday when I was doing a Periscope from the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, one of the first comments from viewers was that I should switch to horizontal mode. I couldn’t do that in the middle of the broadcast, but after I was done I sat down to give it a try, on my personal Periscope account, and had a nice conversation with viewers.

One of the things I learned is that it worked well for participants who had the updated app, but for those still using the old version it felt buggy.

Takeaway #1: Everybody – please update to the latest version of Periscope for iOS or Android.

Why does horizontal video matter?

As I described in this post on our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media site, one of the downsides of Periscope is that the archives expire after 24 hours. We want to use Periscope to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of Mayo Clinic, including tours, and would like to upload the video to our Mayo Clinic YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, vertical video isn’t attractive on YouTube, which uses a widescreen format.

So we developed a hack that involved

  • Creating a Keynote presentation with photos from the tour,
  • Placing the vertical video clips within the slides, and then
  • Exporting the Keynote presentation to QuickTime for upload to YouTube.

It wasn’t ideal, but it at least avoided the letterbox look. And the other downside was that it took another couple of hours to create the video, after the tour was done. Still, it felt worthwhile to get enduring access to the tours.

The new Periscope feature doesn’t completely solve the problem, but it reduces the time for video post-production by about 90 percent.

Why is it incomplete? Because the video saved to the camera roll (at least in iOS) is still in a vertical format, although now it’s sideways like this:

Horizontal vertical

Fortunately, there’s a three-step solution that takes only a few minutes.

  1. Open iMovie for iPhone and import the Periscope clip from your camera roll.
  2. As this helpful article indicates, once you’ve selected the clip in the timeline, just put your thumb and forefinger together and twist 90 degrees, and the clip will rotate.
  3. Finally, export the clip as a new movie file.

Now you’ll have a horizontal video that you can upload to YouTube, or edit further. I’ll likely transfer the files to my laptop, because I’ll be able to edit more precisely and quickly in that version of iMovie.

There will be some bumps in the transition, such as for services like katch.me, which have been archiving ‘scopes. They’ll need to adjust to keep them from looking like this:

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 7.49.25 AM

But overall, this is an exciting (and for us, time-saving) advance from Periscope!

Update: Here’s an edited version of my first horizontal Periscope, uploaded to YouTube:

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Getting SMUG in Schuyler

I’m in Schuyler, Nebraska today for the Benedictine Development Symposium, which meets every two years for several days of learning about relevant topics.

Engaged PeopleI spoke to this group in 2013 for a couple of hours, and today they wanted me to come back for some more hands-on training and in-depth discussion. We had a great morning together, and so I’m using this post to both demonstrate blogging and as a way to recap and provide links to some of the resources.

We created a closed Facebook group they will be able to use to share resources and plan for 2017. The major benefit of a group is that you can share files (like Word documents and PDFs) that you can’t share on a page.

I also did a quick demo of Periscope (this archive will only be available for the next 22 hours or so) and showed what we’re doing with Periscope at Mayo Clinic.

Here’s one of the great tweets from the group:

I also gave an assignment to shoot videos. Here’s one of them:

I would welcome any comments or feedback from the group. Please chime in with your thoughts in the comments below!



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A Visit from Some Very Good Danes

This week we have visitors at Mayo Clinic from Odense University Hospital and the Institute of Clinical Research at the University of Southern Denmark. I enjoyed meeting them last night at a reception and dinner they hosted (for the next few hours you can see the Periscope video of the gathering), and today I will be presenting the work of our Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media.

My presentation is scheduled from from 10-11 a.m. CDT, and I plan to Periscope the Q&A session from our Mayo Clinic account. That should start around 10:40 CDT.

  • If you’re on Periscope, follow the Mayo Clinic account and you’ll get an alert when we go live.
  • If you’re not yet using Periscope, you can watch on your desktop by following the Mayo Clinic Twitter account (or #MCCSM) and then clicking the broadcast link when it’s tweeted.

You can learn more about Periscope and our Mayo Clinic experiment with it on our Social Media Health Network site.

I hope you will join our Mayo Clinic Periscope experiment today. Please chime in with your greetings and questions (and of course we’ll appreciate hearts, too). I think you’ll enjoy it, and it will give our visitors a first-hand experience of the powerful reach of social media.

Here are my slides from today’s presentation:

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Web Replays Extend Periscope Views

In addition to its being owned by Twitter, one of Periscope’s positives (as compared with rival Meerkat) was that its broadcasts have some enduring quality (24 hours.)

But as a mobile-mainly platform, one of Periscope’s limitations had been that archived broadcasts could only be viewed on the iOS or Android apps, not on the Web.

That just changed yesterday:


So, for example, here’s a broadcast from Kim Garst (shared with me by colleague Tony Hart) on how to promote your Periscope broadcast. You can watch it until about 9 a.m. CDT on Thursday, June 25.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 9.10.54 AM

It will be interesting to see what this does to replay views for Periscope broadcasts, and for the popularity of the platform as compared with Meerkat.

What do you think?


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