Pre-Admission Coursework:Except for those seeking Advanced Placement, all prospective students should at least read Social Media 101 (formerly known as the 12-Step Social Media Program for PR Pros), Social Media 102 (Intro to RSS) and Facebook 101. With completion of these prerequisites, as well as Facebook 102 (10 Steps with Facebook), you will be adequately prepare to complete the SMUG Application for Admission.

SMUG Majors and Minors:Aside from the broadly based Core Courses in the Social Media introduction series (101, 102, etc.), which make up SMUG’s general education requirements, the courses offered through SMUG are classified by platform and by complexity.Tracks will be offered for general Social Media, Blogging, Podcasting, Social Networking and Widgets, as well as platform-specific classes for Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and others. Majors and minors can be earned in each track.

You can see the entire proposed SMUG curriculum participate in its development through the SMUG Curriculum Wiki.

Course Classifications

  • 100-level – Overview and Basics
  • 200-level – Typical Uses
  • 300-level – Advanced techniques and creative applications in a business, professional or organizational environment
  • 400-level – Capstone projects – Student descriptions of real projects they have implemented using social media tools in their organizations. Completion of a capstone is required for a major in any particular Social Media discipline.