Patient Voice in Health Care

Today I’m participating in an event for patients, family members and health care professionals at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It’s called “The Voice of the Patient in Harmony with Care: Safety Through Patient and Provider Partnerships.” My presentation, which I’m giving at 9:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., is entitled, “The Internet and Partnership Communication Opportunities … Continue reading “Patient Voice in Health Care”

Podcasting 201: Flip Camera as Alternate Audio Source

In the 100-level podcasting courses, we used the built-in MacBook Pro microphone and Audacity as the source for audio files. (See Podcasting 103). Here’s an example of one of those files, from Podcasting 109. You’ll note some hum and a bunch of background noise. This course, Podcasting 201, is about a MacGyveresque hack that enables … Continue reading “Podcasting 201: Flip Camera as Alternate Audio Source”

Mayo Clinic Social Media Update

As I Tweeted earlier today, I had an opportunity this morning to provide an overview of Mayo Clinic’s social media activities to another division within our department. One of the things I enjoy about doing presentations like this is that as I update previous versions I can see where we’ve made progress in the intervening … Continue reading “Mayo Clinic Social Media Update”

YouTube 101: 7 Steps to Getting the Most Out of YouTube

In a way, this course isn’t completely necessary because: You’ve undoubtedly watched YouTube videos The interface in YouTube is so well designed that most people “get” it In fact, my daughter Rebekah just said, “Dad, you’re such a nerd. Seven steps to getting the most out of YouTube..who needs that?” But SMUG exists to provide … Continue reading “YouTube 101: 7 Steps to Getting the Most Out of YouTube”

SMUG Extension Class for LifeSource

Today I had the opportunity to do a presentation on social media for LifeSource, the non-profit organization that manages organ and tissue donation in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and parts of western Wisconsin. I had been asked to do this because of a presentation I had done for the Minnesota Health Strategy and Communications … Continue reading “SMUG Extension Class for LifeSource”