Workplace Partnership for Life Webinar Slides

I’m doing a presentation early this afternoon for the Workplace Partnership for Life, a program that encourages organ donation campaigns. We will be hearing some case studies from other presenters, but I have been asked to share 15 minutes on “Using Social Media Wisely in a Health Care Setting.” Here are the slides I’ll be … Continue reading “Workplace Partnership for Life Webinar Slides”

Twitter + Facebook = Kidney Donation

Here’s an interesting story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which illustrates an interesting and unusual application of social media tools in health care and medicine: Chris Strouth needed a kidney transplant. He’d been on dialysis for months after Berger’s disease (which he called “Harold”) wreaked havoc on his renal system. So he tweeted about it, … Continue reading “Twitter + Facebook = Kidney Donation”

Social Media 210: Growing an Organ Donation Community

I’ve known Bob Aronson for nearly a decade, as I described here and here. As a heart transplant recipient, Bob is grateful for the additional years he has been given and has dedicated himself to promoting organ and tissue donation. And while his former career was in mainstream media relations, he’s taken to social media … Continue reading “Social Media 210: Growing an Organ Donation Community”

Patient Voice in Health Care

Today I’m participating in an event for patients, family members and health care professionals at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. It’s called “The Voice of the Patient in Harmony with Care: Safety Through Patient and Provider Partnerships.” My presentation, which I’m giving at 9:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., is entitled, “The Internet and Partnership Communication Opportunities … Continue reading “Patient Voice in Health Care”

Podcasting 201: Flip Camera as Alternate Audio Source

In the 100-level podcasting courses, we used the built-in MacBook Pro microphone and Audacity as the source for audio files. (See Podcasting 103). Here’s an example of one of those files, from Podcasting 109. You’ll note some hum and a bunch of background noise. This course, Podcasting 201, is about a MacGyveresque hack that enables … Continue reading “Podcasting 201: Flip Camera as Alternate Audio Source”