Blogging is one of the most powerful social media tools. For example, as you see in the graphic at the bottom of this page, it has enabled a Yahoo from Minnesota to found a global online University that’s on the first page of the Google rankings for social media university The planned list of courses … Continue reading “Blogging”

Using YouTube, Facebook to Promote Organ Donation

In my last post, I told about Bob Aronson’s dedication to spread the word about organ donation through social media, after having had a heart transplant in August. One of the things Bob’s done is start a Facebook group, where he’s inviting everyone affected by transplant to tell their stories. So whether you’re a transplant … Continue reading “Using YouTube, Facebook to Promote Organ Donation”

Strategic Marketing Session

I’m at the Forum for Healthcare Strategists’ 12th annual Forum on Customer Based Marketing Strategies at the Omni Orlando Hotel at Championsgate. I plan to live blog as many of the presentations as I can. Geoffrey Crabtree of Methodist Healthcare Systems in San Antonio is talking about “Branding at the Bedside” vs. relying on paid … Continue reading “Strategic Marketing Session”