Free WiFi at Airports

In a previous post, I commended the Las Vegas airport for offering free wifi for its patrons, and also alluded to Rochester, Minn. providing the same. Today I’m in the Jacksonville, Fla. airport where the wireless internet also is free. Good deal! That got me to thinking that there must be a directory on the … Continue reading “Free WiFi at Airports”

Looking Back: One Year of Blogging

It was a year ago Monday that I launched this blog with three posts, the first of which alluded to mine being one of 50 million or so. Now Technorati says there are something over 70 million non-spam blogs. As you look in the archives, you’ll note that my first posts were on July 30, … Continue reading “Looking Back: One Year of Blogging”

Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful, and to Whom

As I take a long Thanksgiving weekend with family, I thought it would be great to work on my annual Christmas letter and give it a Thanksgiving flavor, because I do have so much for which to be thankful. Then I got an even better idea: why not just put it on my blog, complete … Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons I’m Thankful, and to Whom”

David Allen interview in Fast Company

Thanks to What’s the Next Action for calling attention to an oldie but a goodie, an interview with David Allen in Fast Company. Here’s the answer to one of the questions, and why I think the GTD perspective on organizing “stuff” is so helpful…because everyone seems to be facing so much of it. If there’s … Continue reading “David Allen interview in Fast Company”