The chancellor of Social Media University, Global welcomes contributions to the curriculum from those who have social media experience and knowledge to share with others. If you see a course listed in the curriculum plan that you are interested in teaching, or if you have an idea for a course offering, please contact the SMUG chancellor, Lee Aase.

Below are brief biographies of faculty members and their, along with links to their SMUG course contributions.

Associate Professors

  • Jan Husdal, owner of husdal.com, has been online since 1998. Formerly a civil engineer, emergency management planner and GIS analyst, now a researcher and heading for a PhD in Logistics and Transport Economics, he spends much of his free time blogging or answering questions in the wordpress.com support forums. Most recently, after successfully moving husdal.com from TypePad to WordPress, he set up tpvswp.wordpress.com, a blog for comparing the differences between TypePad and WordPress. Jan’s first contribution to the SMUG curriculum is Blogging 107: Typepad Pros and Cons.
  • Scott Meis is the author of Social Media Snippets and an Associate Professor in the SMUG Department of Political Science. He has contributed a review of the Obama campaign’s use of social media. Previously a Public Affairs Officer in the U.S. Navy and the head of public relations and marketing for an independent record label, Scott is currently a Sr. Project Director at Carolyn Grisko & Associates Inc. – a Chicago-based strategic communications firm. Scott works with a variety of nonprofit and corporate clients and leads his firm’s various social media marketing initiatives. When he’s not blogging, he’s shooting photos, or taking in the latest episode of “This American Life.”

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