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I believe Facebook will transform networking on the web from a largely social, recreational activity to one that has serious implications for business. With well over 100 million users, obviously MySpace also will be consequential, especially in the consumer-to-consumer and B2C worlds, and with a younger demographic. But its incessant singles ads and the gaudy interface limit its potential appeal for business networking. And then of course there is the spam issue in MySpace.

Facebook, by contrast, has what TIME magazine calls “a classy, upmarket feel to it–a whiff of the Ivy League still clings.” It is considerably smaller than MySpace today, but has the momentum of gaining a million members a week.

Here’s my first post about Facebook and its business uses, which I wrote after one day of direct Facebook experience (although I had been following it from a distance for some time…since it led my daughter to meet her husband.) I had no idea at the time that this would set me off on a major Facebook meme.

About a month after that first post about Facebook I wrote this one: Top 10 Facebook Business Uses to compile my thoughts up to that point.

Now I’ve decided to create this separate page on my blog, which is accessible from the top navigation. As I do new posts about Facebook they will still show up in the regular reverse chronological order, but I also will plan to link to them from this page, so that over time this will become a fairly comprehensive resource. I hope you will find it valuable.

I’m going to indicate some categories below that may not have many posts yet, but I will hope to get to them later. So, if you see a topic that isn’t linked, it’s one I’m working on. If you have other ideas of things you would like to see discussed, put them in the comments.

Getting Started:

Here are some links to major news coverage about Facebook:

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General Facebook Posts:

Tips and Background for Businesses and Not-for-Profit Organizations:

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Growth of Facebook:

Privacy Issues and Separating Your Personal and Professional Lives in Facebook

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